Fujitsu scanner citrix

Asked by andrew. All, we are having issues with scanning using TWAIN redirection and would like to know if others have experienced any issues and what they have done to overcome them. We have installed the desktop experience on the 2 XenApp servers that the application resides on, made sure in the user directory the twain What we are finding is scanning works then it will not for no apparent reason or the session crashes.

We have not installed the image acquisition software on the servers, does this make a difference? Any thoughts would be appreciated. What software are you using on the Citrix servers to scan?

We've seen issues relating to the specific software and how it works with Citrix sessions, but never with the scanners or twain drivers although we don't do a lot of scanning. It brings up the select source and select the scanner. The software above opens and I scan and it works.

I continue this process and could have a good run of a few scans and all is working as it should. Then you will select Scan TWAIN, the select source window will open and this time round if you select the scanner the Image Aquisition software fails to open. I continue the above process and it etheir starts cycling the above or it will bring up the Image Aquisition software and we will have a successful scan.

What will then happen is we get the image scanned correctly but also the ones that did not bring up the Image Aquistion software appear but with the error message 'ERROR Cound not complete task.

It appears the process CtxTwnPA. Anyone else experiencing these issues? I am about to go and check on the HP Scanner we have to see what is happening there and will report back. Thanks, Andy. I also am using Fujitsu FI scanners attached locally. I have a Xenapp 6 farm.

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I followed all steps in CTX Twain redirection policy is in place. Imaging locally works fine, via a citrix session, no. Even if I launch manuall twain redirection fails and the application does not detect a scanner. No, I do not want to know about remote scan. It works, but is a pain and the support folks there are extortionists. I would prefer any assistance possible to get twain redirection working as advertised.

Thanks to all, Steve Abshagen. Good morning, I am using Fujitsu FI scanners attached locally. Imaging locally works fine, via a citrix session, the scan is successful but images's size is 0ko!!!! Thanks to all.

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Recommended Posts.Asked by networkadmins pinere. So my scanner shows up in VDI in device manager and is installed. Thanks for the response! At first I thought it might be the software I am using which is Ambirscan2.

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Needless to say its a bit frustrating. My scanners did not show up with the original drivers. I had to go to Fujitsu's website and download the latest ones. It's worth trying. I've been messing with these scanners for about 2 weeks now. You would think it would be a lot easier with Xendesktop 5.

fujitsu scanner citrix

Ok, so I opened a case with Citrix on this one. They have asked me to send the scanner in so they can build a test envrionment and re-create the problem. I will make sure to post what they find. Hey Bill- Was Citrix able to get this to work? We're having the same issue right now.

Thanks John. I've bumped into similar problem for the past few days. I tried to scan in my remote desktop but I failed and when I googled for a solution I found an app called Scanner for Remote Desktop.

It made my life easer. Anything new on this? I have my fujitsu scanner working on Xendesktop 5. I'm trying to get a Fujitsu fi and a fi working.Asked by mypetstop. Have you tried creating a usb policy rule? I have added the rule to the Registry, but even after a restart the device is not offered to the VDI.

You do need to edit the registry on the endpoint to allow the client to offer the USB class.

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My apologies, i have updated the original post. Do you have any other suggestions? Mark Syms 1, Mark Syms Master 1, Citrix Employees 2, posts. How do i set the policy in the Windows registry? Also the device does not match any of the deny rules, so why would it not be passed through? Posted March 8, Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2.

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Customers who viewed this article also viewed. Symptoms or Error - Fujitsu scanner looks to be redirected successfully. We can see the device inside our ICA session and is listed in device manager without any obvious problems.

Windows Server R2 - To confirm that above you should attempt to redirect the same device into a single session VDA e. Windows 7.

fujitsu scanner citrix

Here we would expect to see the device work as expected - One additional test to confirm the issue lies outside of any Citrix components is to attempt to redirect the Device using Microsoft RemoteFX.

To confirm that the issue is driver specific we would expect to see the same behavior when redirecting over RemoteFX.

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Windows Server R2 - With generic USB redirection the USB client drivers are installed on the host so these drivers must be compatible with RDSH for Windows R2 - Certain kind of devices pose challenges when redirected to a XenApop session and there are certain devices that are prohibited for performance reasons - The devices that will not work out of the box in XA 7.

The device driver does not appear to have the capability of handling multiple instances of the same device presented from different XenApp sessions. This is confirmed by using the device when physically plugged into the server and when logged into session 1 on the machine This looks to be a shortcoming with some device drivers and as a result, a resolution will require a new device driver that has been designed to work inside a multi session environment.

We currently have open channels of communication on this with the device manufacturer Fujistu.

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Fujitsu Scanner USB Redirection Not Working Windows 2012 R2

Explore Printers. Explore Printer Drivers.They do not need to be installed on the XenApp server. Ensure that there is no policy applied to the user account used for the test that is limiting the bandwidth within the ICA session client USB redirection bandwidth limit for example.

After the Desktop Experience feature is installed, click Close to exit the Add Features Wizard, and then click yes to restart the computer. If the application does not see the scanner and scanning within XenApp fails, refer to the following troubleshooting section:. In the details pane, locate the Features Summary area, and then click Add Features. After the Desktop Experience feature is installed, click Close to exit the Add Features Wizard, and then click Yes to restart the computer.

If the Twacker application is able to scan successfully then the XenApp environment is configured properly for USB redirection and to use TWAIN devices, and states all of the requirements have been met on the local client device. In case of further scanning issues within a particular application it is likely to be a software issue. Open a ticket online for technical assistance with troubleshooting, break-fix requests, and other product issues.

Customers who viewed this article also viewed. Requirements Citrix policies must be enabled depending on the type of scanner. They do not need to be installed on the XenApp server The scanner can be attached locally or can be added using network.

fujitsu scanner citrix

If scanning locally works successfully, log on to the XenApp 6. To enable this on the server do the following: Start Server Manager. Click Install. Download from here. Install Twacker. Within a XenApp published desktop session: Launch Twacker 32 bit version. Click the Scan button to test your scanner.

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