Strongfirst barbell program

Barbell and powerlifts for non-powerlifters, strength training in general population, for martial arts? Powerlifting originated as a competition in exercises that everybody does.

strongfirst barbell program

Old Masters clearly understood the importance of getting StrongFirst. Since then, Russian fighters have learned their lesson. Today, no one on the full-contact karate scene in the former Soviet bloc is impressed with a double-bodyweight squat.

Strength will always be the king in sports. Russian scientists insist that it is strength that is the foundation of all other physical attributes. No one is suggesting that strength is all that matters. You still need the skills, conditioning, and other attributes of a warrior.

But everything else being equal, the stronger fighter shall prevail every time. You might be thinking: Does it mean that we should train with barbells? What do these kettlebell guys know about barbell training anyway? How is it with Pavel, StrongFirst and barbell? SFL Barbell Instructor course is exactly what this article is all about.

Why barbell? Because he does not have to maximize his absolute strength development, he can make do with kettlebells and bodyweight. Note that I did not say that he should not train with a barbell—just that he can do without it. Indeed, most of our students follow basic bodyweight and kettlebell training — however, some of the advanced students follow a simple barbell program Deadlift, Press, Full Contact Twist as well and have a great success with the Easy Strength program.

For my personal as well as professional education to learn the fundamentals of barbell training was a must. I have laid out five key points for you, the most important findings and notes of not only the preparation for SFL but of the course itself.

strongfirst barbell program

Whether you are a martial artist, girevik, a powerlifter, or a fan of strength and conditioning training in general, please read on! StrongFirst instructors cadre comprises of top professionals in their respective fields, no doubt about that. Top professional, excellent teacher, what else to say. I have to admit he has made a great impression on me, respect! Preparation for any of StrongFirst Instructor courses is a path set more or less in stone.

Roughly a third to a half of the attendees passes the demanding strength, technique and knowledge tests in Sweden only 5 out of 13 have succeeded. The priorities were clear, kettlebell and bodyweight drills had to be set aside for about half a year — the pistol and one-arm one-leg pushup were only tested once a week; kettlebell exercises were added as assistance and supplementary drills either after practice or on off-days.

I have been also extra cautious with my martial arts training — a stupid injury was not an option. I have received a program tailored by Chief Instructor Pavel Tsatsouline himself and have followed it to the letter.

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SFL Barbell Certification has validated the compatibility and interconnection of all 3 main weapons of StrongFirst system: kettlebell, barbell, bodyweight. Every single exercise was based on kettlebell foundations Get Up, Goblet Squat, Swing and so the learning curve has been reduced to a minimum. StrongFirst principles of kettlebell and bodyweight training are in fact based on powerlifting blueprints: limited number of complex execrises, the biggest bang for your buck.

Barbell: Press, Deadlift, Squat. Thoroughly, systematically, step-by-step — some of the exercises had 10 to 15 progressions!Pair your barbell training with kettlebell training and you've got a winning combo guaranteed to get you stronger and take you to a whole new level of physical transformation — hitting your fitness goals. You will learn how to effectively and safely execute barbell lifts like a Boss with in-depth instruction and an individualized progressive program.

COMMIT: Quality over quantity in every session — never compromising technique and always prioritizing the importance of a high-caliber program. A dedicated strength training routine empowers your commitment to keep your goals in check and exceed them.

Let's get you to the bar and let your transformation begin…. Limited to Private Coaching and Duo—Coaching only — no classes. Are you new to Barbell and eager to learn the basics? Are you a regular lifter wanting to refine your technique and hit that PR? Coach Ericka has you covered!

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Put your time, effort and energy in the right place. EDK treats your personal and financial investment seriously — guaranteed.

Visit the Private Coaching page for investment options and find the ideal fit for you. Strength training should be considered practice — more importantly, a skillful practice.Forums New posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Log in. Home Forums Training JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Anything related to barbell training, and dumbbell training is OK here, too.

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Products: Courses. StrongFirst Techniques. Would you like to continue the lesson at the furthest point you left off? StrongFirst Bodyweight Fundamentals. StrongFirst Kettlebell Fundamentals.

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Module 1: Intro, Safety, and Expectations. Module 3: Deadlift.

StrongFirst SFL Barbell Instructor Certification

Module 4: Two-Arm Swing. Module 5: One-Arm Swing. Module 6: Get-Up.Forums New posts.

strongfirst barbell program

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Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Barbell strength programme. Thread starter Paul Start date Jan 2, Paul Double-Digit Post Count. Hi all, I've posted here a few times and always received great information. After a period of low amounts of training due to circumstances, I am now able to get back in the gym.

In being honest with myself that for the time being I am only going to be able to stick with a programme if its a realistic option, I am opting for a barbell only strength programme, to be reviewed once the programme is COMPLETED and my circumstances have changed.

In the past I've had good success with mark rippetoe's starting strength, but I've read lots of good things regarding dan johns programmes on this forum. Although after taking a look through Easy Strength, I'm a bit unsure which is the actual Easy Strength programme.

I'm probably missing something. The 40 day plan sounds good, but I'm unsure if this would be too much after a period of low amounts of lifting. AndyMcL More than posts. Starting Strength is fantastic for use after a long break, it will allow you to start light and progress quickly. Most important thing is to pick a program and stick with it, so grab one that looks appealing to you.

Consistency is the key. Thanks very much Andy. I've had some good success with starting strength in the past so seemed like a sensible option, although i've not seen much positive talk of it on the forum so though i'd get the thoughts of those in the know. I agree that consistency is the key, and choosing something at the moment with 3 days instead of 5 is much more likely to be consistent.

Thanks again.Forums New posts. Log in Register. Search titles only.

strongfirst barbell program

Search Advanced search…. New posts. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Beginner Barbell Program Questions. Thread starter somanaut Start date Aug 1, I have been practising at home until now, but that may soon no longer be an option, since I soon may be sharing my small flat with my girlfriend.

So I was thinking about joining a gym and training 3 times a week. The reason I am thinking about barbell, is that the gyms in my area do not have a good selection of kettlebells or even a designated areas to train with them.

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Two of them do have, but I dislike those two gyms people and music. SF Reload sounds like it's for more experienced lifters, and Easy Strength sounds like it need more than 3 days a week.

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TL;DR: What is a good beginner program for barbell? Hello somanaut Don't think you can go far wrong with this StrongFirst and the 5x5 Method StrongFirst Have an A and a B session so each lift is done three times in two weeks as article states A squats and bench B Deadlifts and press Do some additional bits afterwards to fill in the gaps pull ups, hardstyle planks etc.

Glen said:. Elite Certified Instructor. Read the book and if you only have 3 days per week, you can try lifts per session instead of Steve W. Steve Freides said:.

Last edited: Aug 1, Wow, a lot of ways to tweak the PTTP.

Barbell + Kettlebell Programs

Thanks for sharing. You can modify Easy Strength in the same way, by adding a little volume to the three days. When I run ES, I find that four days a week is the sweet spot for me. Can you find an outdoor spot to train with your KB? If so, ES 3x wk and a couple days of KB in the park. If so, ES 3x wk and couple days of KB in the park. Steve Freides Steve W. Thanks for the tip about PTTP. I didn't know you could modify it like that.

You're welcome. There are all kinds of possibilities.

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Steve W's idea of seems good and it's 15 reps. I would likely choose to model the reps scheme on the Bear program that's also in the book, and thus do x 5, 90 x 5, 80 x 5 for 15 reps. And doingand rep days or rep days for 45 or 60 reps, respectively would be even better. But now we've made our simple program not so simple I'm an old Sheldon Brown fan and have ridden solo centuries on a fixtie.Forums New posts.

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SSSam Second Post. Hi I'm Sam. Absolutely love the program. Recently been watching some of Dr Jim Stoppani's work on youtube. He has convinced me, and I had heard previously, that lowering volume, but working out DAILY in full body format may be better for the body. From what I've learned: a For mid age, full body workouts allegedly achieve better results b Working out both upper and lower body stimulates more growth hormone c Working out full body, up to 7 days a week, can lead to greater strength and mass gains, when modified for lower volume, but medium to high intensity.

Start out 3 days a week and build up to 7. I'd probably eliminate cardio if doing this. I'm just restarting this journey after weightloss surgery sleeve gastrectomy. Before anyone judges, struggled with my weight since I was 6, and I've literally lost over kg in my lifetime I had to try something different to lose the fat permanently.

I'd really love to update some stats here occasionally, keep myself accountable. Is there anyone familiar with Mark Lauren's bodyweight book? Could I have some advice modifying the program? If necessary I can post the whole program, but it would be great if someone was already familiar with it. Also happy to chat through PM. Not sure how happy Mark would be if i was posting all of his material on the forum.

Thanks heaps in advance. Very grateful for any help. Do NOT reach failure. Before reaching failure go back down the ladder, taking shorter and shorter breaks till one rep I've added glute bridge on legs days for better glute activation, and face pulls everyday as a corrective exercise.

The problem I see making this a full body workout is working out whether to drop certain exercises, or put them on alternate days, or shortening the 7. I can't see my way around adding more than 4 exercises per day if i wanted to do this full body. I'm not getting the endurance benefit If I add more exercises, and shorten the time, I'll still be doing a full workout, so overall the endurance is still there.

I'm worried about the exercises This is supposed to be a 2 week block before moving on. I'm going slow and started at 1. I'm at 4.

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